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Keep Your Parking Open in Winter With Commercial Snow Removal in Pipersville

If your organization has a limited parking space, accrued snow can cause major headaches. Or, even if the lot is larger, snow building up over time causes navigation and parking problems.


In both cases, companies need snow removal in Pipersville to get through winter. Snow plowing only goes so far. When piles morph into barriers, they have to go.


Don’t hire a snow removal vendor based on an attractive website or slick sales pitch, though. Ask some appropriate questions to come to an educated choice about who will remove snow from your Pipersville parking lots: 

  • What is the service schedule? Does the snow removal timeframe jibe with your operational needs?
  • Will a plan be provided for snow plowing and removal, to ensure important pathways and access points (such as loading docks) stay open?
  • What are the vehicles’ hauling capacities? Are costs based on the number of trips? Remember that, if load sizes are small, repeat runs can add up to significant money.
  • Are mechanics prepared to repair equipment, and prevent service interruptions?

Founded in 1986, Dorshak Snow Services has offered commercial snow removal in Pipersville for more than three decades. Its snow removal service operates night and day, clearing commercial lots of all shapes and sizes.


Partnered with its snow plowing, Dorshak Snow Services has the gear and experience to keep your lots clear of snow, and functioning with minimal disruption.


Dorshak Snow Services employs 18-yard dump trucks to remove snow, involving far fewer runs than most Pipersville competitors. Its 2-1/2-yard loaders get the snow picked up and hauled away faster, too.


The result? You save money by paying for fewer runs. If time charges are included, large-capacity loaders used by Dorshak Snow Services promise the most efficient use of every minute. As importantly, your lot is cleared faster so you can return to business.


Dorshak Snow Services will develop a snow plowing and removal plan for your parking lot. Together, you’ll choose the optimal places to store snow, and when it gets removed. Complete planning minimizes potential disturbances to your operations.


With three full-time mechanics on its team, Dorshak Snow Services has snow removal equipment ready anytime, all the time. Its experienced snow removal drivers usually finish clearing overnight snowfalls by 6 a.m. – and earlier, for operations that open well before daylight!


Contact Dorshak Snow Services for a free snow removal service quote. Don’t forget to ask about its specialized deicing treatment, which preventsaccumulation of ice and hardpack snow. Moving snow off your property is a top priority – second only to doing so in a cost- and operationally efficient manner!



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