24 Hr Emergency Storm Damage Tree Removal Services

Storms happen unexpectedly and can lead to costly damages to your property. After a storm, let Dorshak Tree Specialists in Butler, WI respond to your damage emergency when you have fallen trees on your property. We work 24/7 to quickly and efficiently restore your property. Our team has experience in storm recovery with fallen trees, trees on top of houses and cars, we get the job done. Call us at 262-783-8733 today!


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Fallen Trees Cause Damage, Costly Repairs, and Safety Hazards

Wisconsin is known for its rapid weather changes. There is little that we can do to stop the forces of nature from happening, but what we can do, is prepare for whatever gets thrown at us by keeping up with proper tree care and maintenance. We have conquered some of THE toughest storm damage situations and are fully equipped to handle even the most difficult of circumstances. Remember that fallen trees can pose some very hazardous conditions, and for your own safety, it is not recommended that the typical homeowner try to handle such storm damage situations on their own. We are fully insured and to receive the fastest 24-hour storm damage response call us now at 262-783-8733.



Insurance Appraisals

Having to make an insurance claim can be extremely stressful. Often there are hidden dangers and judgment calls that only a seasoned Certified Arborist can recognize. We have been in the tree business for a long time; long enough to say we've just about seen it all. Whatever your situation, we are tree professionals who are familiar with the procedures and protocols of working with insurance companies. We can help identify and analyze current problems and can help guide you through the process. Call us today for more information at 262-783-8733.