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Ensure Safety This Winter With Commercial Snow Shoveling in Pewaukee West

Maintaining a safe commercial property in Pewaukee West is a year-round effort – especially in winter!


Ice and snow can quickly create dangerous walking and driving conditions. Employees, customers and visitors are put in peril. Creating a plan to counteract Pewaukee West's winter property dangers can ensure that, when bad weather hits, your property doesn’t become a threat zone.


Let’s face it: No one prefers shoveling snow. So why make them? Partner with a snow shoveling service in Pewaukee West to ensure the work is addressed expediently, and your walkways and other traveled areas are safe for all!


Founded in 1986, Dorshak Snow Services has supplied commercial snow shoveling and snow removal in Pewaukee West for more than three decades. Its snow shoveling service is available around the clock, clearing snow from commercial properties of all shapes, sizes and uses.


Dorshak Snow Services doesn’t just shovel main pathways, either. Its diligent team covers every area where people navigate: stairs, loading docks, entryways, garbage corrals, municipal sidewalks, and garage entrances.


Wouldn’t it be enjoyable to open the office after a snowfall, with sidewalks and work spaces already cleared off? So that you don’t have to assign an upset employee to start shoveling … or do it yourself?


Dorshak Snow Services offers full salting service, too. Often paired with snow shoveling, the specialized melting product breaks down hardened snow and ice, and helps block new accumulation.


The deicer used by Dorshak Snow Services - Turbo Melt – is the top anti-icing product on the market. Melting to minus-30 degrees, it’s far more effective than typical rock salt, and safe for Pewaukee West's many plants and animals.


Snow shoveling service performed by Dorshak Snow Services – joined with application of Turbo Melt – clears your property of snow fast. It stays clear, too.


Unlike competitors who only offer combined packages of snow shoveling and salting, Dorshak Snow Services lets you choose one service, or both. The benefit? You don’t end up paying full freight for repeated visits, should they be required.


Contact Dorshak Snow Services for a complimentary snow shoveling service quote. When winter weather strikes in full, don’t put others on your Pewaukee West property at risk. Contracting out snow shoveling is a proactive investment. Safety, after all, has no price tag.

Commercial Snow Shoveling & Deicing for Commercial Businesses near Pewaukee West, WI