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Save Money, and Advance Safety, With Proactive Ice Prevention in Milwaukee County

Rock salt is a standard, established product employed to melt ice in Milwaukee County. But what if there was something better … safer … and more cost-effective?


There is. Turbo Melt, the premier anti-icing product available, melts ice and snow to minus-30 degrees. It’s far more effective than rock salt, and safe for plants and animals.


Dorshak Snow Services employs Turbo Melt for melting ice, and blocking ice accumulation, on commercial lots throughout Milwaukee County. As a snow plowing and snow removal services company for longer than three decades, Dorshak Snow Services takes pride in using the most advanced products to keep customers safe (and not slippery).


Saving money opens with proactive measures. Dorshak Snow Services uses a sister product, Turbo Brine, to condition Milwaukee County parking lots and driveways prior to snowfalls. Turbo Brine melts down to minus-48 degrees.


Applying liquified Turbo Brine solution beforehand avoids accumulation of ice and snowpack. Do you want to pay a snow plowing service for repeated trips to scrape these stubborn patches? Didn’t think so.


Both Turbo Melt and Turbo Brine are designed for non-stop operations that can’t be slowed by Milwaukee County winter’s worst. The superior ice melting power of Turbo Melt means you don’t pay for extra service provider visits for salting. The product greatly augments safety on properties with lots of foot traffic.


Dorshak Snow Services can also apply Turbo Brine on your Milwaukee County walkways and steps. No more rock salt required! Wouldn’t it be great to not have this crunchy, staining chemical tracked inside for weeks on end?


Contact Dorshak Snow Services to learn more about these better-performing, cost-effective solutions for deicing and ice prevention. Forget rock salt. Its time has come and went. No more discolored shoes or crunchy sidewalks. Better options exist … and your Milwaukee County commercial property will be better off for them.

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