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Hiring a Tree Pruning Service? Be Sure You’re Partnering With a Certified Arborist in Ozaukee County!

Almost anyone can prune a dead limb from a tree. Question is, can they tell you why it died?


If you prioritize the trees on your property, knowing the factors that affect their health is important. Trust only one person to give you the straight scoop: a Certified Arborist in Ozaukee County.


A Certified Arborist is an expert in tree health. They’re taught to spot and evaluate diseases and pests. They know the tree species that inhabit Ozaukee County yards in Wisconsin, and how to help them thrive.


Dorshak Tree Specialists brings a Certified Arborist to every tree inspection in Ozaukee County. If you have a tree(s) that is losing leaves or limbs, or showing other symptoms of poor health, a Certified Arborist from Dorshak Tree Specialists will analyze the issue. They’ll suggest whether it should be treated, pruned or removed altogether.


The ability to explain why something is going on, is the stark difference you’ll enjoy with a Certified Arborist. With seven Certified Arborists on its team, Dorshak Tree Specialists wants you to know the big picture of your trees’ health. Given the impact of trees on property value and quality of life, you deserve to know.


Certified Arborists don’t grow on trees. They undertake a rigorous study and exam process with the International Society of Arboriculture. Just as in many other professions, an ISA-Certified Arborist undergoes continuing education on a regular basis. A professional can’t even start the certification process without working at least three years in the tree service industry.


An ISA-Certified Arborist has pledged a commitment to properly caring for and maintaining trees. They offer knowledge to help you make smart decisions about your greenery. Unlike some other tree services, Dorshak Tree Specialists doesn’t charge for a Certified Arborist to inspect your Ozaukee County yard, or prepare an estimate for treatment or pruning.


If you’re serious about your trees’ health and longevity, don’t trust them to just anyone who shows up with a chainsaw. Insist on a Certified Arborist to diagnose issues, and provide a plan moving forward. Dorshak Tree Specialists wants to partner with educated Ozaukee County customers – contact them to ensure a bright, green future for your trees!

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