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Commercial Snow Plowing that Clears the Route in Washington County

Washington County winter can’t be stopped. It can be planned for, though.


If you run a business or oversee commercial real estate in Washington County, clearing snow after a downfall is critical for operations and tenants’ satisfaction. Interruptions in ability to access driveways and parking, or send out vehicles for deliveries or service calls, are a non-starter.


Proactively hiring a snow plowing company in Washington County can ease concerns. Don’t just sign on with the first snow plow vendor you talk with, though. Ask questions to determine the quality of service you’re likely to receive! 

  • How long has the company been in service? Can it supply references?
  • How old is its snow plowing gear? Can you know that snow plow snafus won’t leave your property buried and impassable?
  • How many mechanics are on staff, to fix gear and perform maintenance that avoids breakdowns?

Founded in 1986, Dorshak Snow Services has supplied commercial snow plowing in Washington County for more than three decades. Its fleet of modern snowplows service commercial lots ranging from churches, to shopping centers, to large industrial properties.


With three full-time mechanics on staff, Dorshak Snow Services has snowplow apparatus ready anytime, all the time. Its expert plowing drivers usuallycomplete clearing overnight snowfalls by 6 a.m. – and before, for operations that open even earlier!


Dorshak Snow Services is proactive about your safety, too. If snow is inevitable, its snow plow crew will cover your lot and driveways with liquid brine, a safer, more effective option than rock salt. The solution prevents accumulation of ice or hardpacked snow by creating a barrier over asphalt or concrete. Prevention equates to traction!


Contact Dorshak Snow Services for a complimentary snow plowing service quote. No minimum lot sizes are involved. Its list of happy plowing customers is long … just like Washington County winters have been around for a long, long time.

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